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Students flocked to the ballot boxes on the day of the General Election to cast their vote in the Samuel Ward Academy mock election - The event gave students a chance to participate and get involved with the drama and excitement of the tightest election battle for years, learning such things as what general elections are, how they work, what political parties are, how they differ, and which best represents their views! 

Samuel Ward Academy Chamber Choir made a valuable contribution to Haverhill Choral Society’s performance of Carmina Burana this week, receiving rave reviews!

Congratulations to Year 8's Freya Cannon, Grace Beaney, Holly Callway and Adam Evans, Becky Rigg from Year 7, and Jessica Evans from Year 9 for their fabulous performance!

Samuel Ward hosted the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Last Friday Breakfast meeting.
Around 60 people attended including students from Samuel Ward Academy Sixth Form and a number of students from Castle Manor and their Primary schools.

A huge congratulations to Matthew Venables, Amber Howard, Neve Hopkins and Jennifer Coote, who made it to the Regional Finals of the National French Spelling Bee and attended the final at Comberton Village College on Wednesday 15th. All 4 did excellently well in a difficult round, each scoring their own individual best scores.

Students from Samuel Ward Sixth Form went to Geneva, Switzerland, to visit the Large Hadron Collider at the The European Organization for Nuclear Research!